St. John’s was originally founded in June of 1936 under the name of “First Lutheran.” Within a year, the tiny congregation, led by Rev. Theodore Heimarck, pooled its resources to purchase the old St. John’s Episcopal Church on First Street (at the site of the Library annex).

When they moved to the Episcopal church, the stained glass window over the door announced “St. John’s”… so came the name of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

74 members chartered the new church. In just 15 years, membership reached 525 and it became obvious that larger facilities were needed. Construction of a new church started in 1957. The new church was dedicated on September 28, 1958.

In the following nine years the congregation welcomed another 223 members, which spurred the second phase of the building project.

The church expanded southward with a fellowship hall, chapel, nursery and office space. In addition, classrooms and storage were built in a new south basement. Members proudly dedicated the addition and the newly erected cross tower in 1970.