Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has been responding to emergencies and disasters for over 60 years.  It works to create a world where each person and every generation lives in justice, dignity and peace. 

LWR engages in international relief, development, advocacy, and social responsibility in collaborative ministry with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and others.

St. John’s has been a contributor to LWR for many decades.  Our church sends the following items to LWR:

  • Quilts

  • Bars of soap

  • Sewing kits

  • Health kits

  • Layettes

  • School kits

  • Blankets

LWR loading web.jpg

Through sale of some quilts and a Sunday offering, money is also sent to LWR to help ship these projects to wherever in the world they are most needed.

Loading LWR quilts and kits for shipping.

Loading LWR quilts and kits for shipping.

This congregation has been very generous to those in desperate need!  Thank you to all of the quilting ladies who tirelessly make the quilts at church throughout the entire year.  

Thanks to those who work from home sewing quilt tops or school bags, or knitting sweaters for the layettes.  Also, thanks to those who purchase items for the various projects. 

Contact the LWR Coordinator Deanna Jeans at 608-882-5829 or by email.